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Get Your Boots On

If you want to understand someone, walk a mile in their shoes. If you want to help a veteran, walk in a pair of combat boots—from The Boot Campaign. Lace up a pair of Boot Campaign boots, and not only will you be promoting patriotism, but you’ll also be providing life-improving programs to veteran and military families nationwide like treatments for brain injury and PTSD, or Christmas gifts for military families in need.

CLICK HERE to order your boots now!


November 6-10 is Boot Campaign’s National Boot Week.

Help us turn Veteran’s Day into a week-long virtual celebration of support and gratitude instead of a one day silent salute, using the must visible symbol of military service: Combat Boots.  Learn more. 

How you can help

YouTube Launches Cable-Free Live Streaming TV Service

YouTube Launches Cable-Free Live Streaming TV Service

Jobless and nearly homeless, Rachel Dolezal still isn't sorry for posing as black

It’s been two years since it was revealed that former NAACP branch leader Rachel Dolezal is actually white. Not only is she on the brink of homelessness, having been unable to find a job, but she’s still maintaining that she did nothing wrong by posing as an African-American woman.

“I’m not going to stoop and apologize and grovel and feel bad about it,” she told the Guardian. “I would just be going back to when I was little and had to be what everybody else told me I should be — to make them happy.”

>> Rachel Dolezal announces memoir 'In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World'

Dolezal stepped down from her position in 2015 when her parents revealed that she was not actually African-American. While she eventually admitted to being “biologically born white to white parents,” she argued that she identifies as African-American, saying that race is “not coded in your DNA.”

She claims to have applied for more than one hundred jobs, but that no one will hire her, aside from those within the reality television and pornography industries. Even her memoir, “In Full Color,” which is due to be released in March, was turned down by over 30 publishers before one picked up the book. She currently relies on food stamps and help from friends in order to get by. She told the Guardian that she will probably be homeless next month.

“Right now, the only place I feel understood and completely accepted is with my kids and my sister,” she said. “The narrative was that I’d offended both communities in an unforgivable way, so anybody who gave me a dime would be contributing to wrong and oppression and bad things – to a liar and fraud and a con.”

Dolezal says her memoir is her way of telling her side of the story and opening up a dialogue about race and identity.

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“The times I tried to explain more, I wasn’t understood more. Nobody wanted to hear, ‘I’m pan-African, pro-black, bisexual, an artist, mother and educator,’” she told the Guardian. “People would just be like, ‘Huh? What? What are you talking about?'”

But would she ever consider simply telling people that she’s white?

“No. This is still home to me,” Dolezal said. “I didn’t feel like I’m ever going to be hurt so much that I somehow leave who I am, because I’m me. It really is who I am. It’s not a choice.”

Read the full story at the Guardian.

Amazon Lowers Minimum Amount For Free Shipping

Amazon Lowers Minimum Amount For Free Shipping

Georgia's Own Walker & Macie

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Help those affected by the Tennessee wildfires

Relief organizations and volunteers are working in Gatlinburg and East Tennessee to help those affected by the wildfires and aid in cleanup. Here are ways that you can help:

Donate to the Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

The Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce Foundation  is a 501c3 organization created to assist the local business community and citizens through various charitable efforts. Donations to this organization will be used to address the needs of people affected by the Gatlinburg fire. 

Donate to Dolly Parton's "My People Fund" and the Dollywood Foundation. 

Dolly Parton's My People Fund aims to provide a hand up to those families who have lost everything in the fires. To aid in their recovery effort, the Dollywood Foundation will provide $1,000 a month to all of those families who lost their homes in the fires for six months so that they can get back on their feet.

Donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund.

Job Openings at Cox Media Group Athens

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